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In a Highly competitive world excellence in the service is the essence. If you are looking for a reliable partner with extensive international experience who can offer you broad range of services in the human resource development < Al Safeer Manpower > is here to give you the unwavering services that you need .
Al Safeer Company is a manpower sourcing and consultant organistation, established in the year 2015, and carrying on business since then maintaining a remarkable reputation and good will in Human resources development and placement and supply manpower to its client in the state of Qatar and the GCC states . Al Safeer Company is approved by the ministry ot Labor and all foreign embassies in the state of Qatar under the license No: 436, and comprises a team of well experienced and qualified staff to provide maximum satisfaction to its clients in finding solutions for their staffing requirements. Since the year 2015, Al Safeer Company he gained a steady clientele composed of construction companies, hotels, industries, medical institutions and agricultural firms, that have learned to trust the company’s professional and efficient approach to manpower recruitment both local and overseas. Our organization has a worldwide network of manpower supplying establishments in different part of the world, and source the right candidate to the right job what will help to meet the demand of our clients. And as the market continues to rely on its services Al Safeer Company has developed different lines of product and services to help its clients in all as aspect of Human Resources Development.
Continue image enhancement for out candidates that never fails to bedazzle employers with their loyalty and dedication to work. Al Safeer Company begun its business by concentrating on Domestic workers, today we continue to excel in providing and deployment pre-screened male workers for all our client’s staffing needs. Make Al Safeer Company expertise your tool en ensures your business profitability. Let us partners in progress.

Recruitment procedure followed by Al Safeer

Data processing applicants for foreign employment, registered with our partner organizations in different part of the world, once are informed about the job order we have received from our clientele with required details under different categories after proper securitization of their qualifications. Preliminary interviews are held by our highly qualified interviewers to short listing the application giving preference to their capability and the requirement of the client. Particulars of shortlisted applications are sent to our clients if so advised or rare kept for interview and final selection by our clients’ selection team.

Why Us ???

Our Goals
Capitalize opportunities in international trade and expand our business across the borders. Project controlling for force in the provisions of highly trained overseas workers who meet the needs and demand of various industries in the state of Qatar and the GCC states. Create and avenue for candiates who were sourced through our scrutiny who possess superior skills to facilitate and gain entry to in the mainstream of employment. Continue image enhancement for out candidates that never fails to bedazzle employers with their loyalty and dedication to work

Our mission and vision
To be the premier organization that attracts quality employment opportunities both locally and cross the borders and enhance the demand for our pre-screened candidates that sourced through our quality selection that maintains impeccable standards. To achieve growth a manner that is both socially responsible and beneficial for our valued principals and the employees sourced through us.

For house maids who have no required training are referred for training conducted by foreign employment bureau. Male applicants also if necessary referred to relevant training centers and those who are required to have trails for special type of jobs referred to practical test.

Al Safeer Manpower
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